Looking for a way to boost your health naturally & easily? Let me introduce you to my secret weapon; Green Superfood powders. By Consuming alkalising greens with natural vitamin C, you will strengthen your health in every way, especially your immune system.

Super Greens help your body maintain a proper pH level. They’re packed with a long list of vitamins and minerals & micro nutrients such as chlorophyll, AKA ‘the lifeblood of plants’, a rich green pigment found in plants ~ It’s what makes them green!!
These plant chemicals can help protect the cells of our bodies through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, both of which can help reduce oxidative stress on our cells, and in turn fight diseases and premature ageing.


1. Alkalises body

Super Greens are bursting with chlorophyll, which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood which in turn revitalises tissues and protects the cells from oxidative stress.

2. Detoxifies bad toxins from the body

One of the most unique benefits of super greens is its ability to detox environmental toxins safely from the body.

3. Great for your skin and hair

The chlorophyll in the greens has been reported to aid in the repairing of broken skin. There have been independent studies showing that it could prevent hair loss.

It’s worth noting that No supplement should ever be a substitute for “real food”

Supergreens are perfect for you if:

✔ You need to add more greens and healthy nutrients to your diet in an easy way

✔ You’re Looking to support your immune system naturally

✔ You Want to give your body an inner cleanse and flush out bad toxins

✔ You regularly drink alcohol, eat processed food, sugars and need to alkalise your body

If this is you, Powders can be A Simple Way To Get More Organic Nutrients Into Your Diet and pack a pretty hefty nutritional punch.

💪High in antioxidants, Micronutrients, Chlorophyll, Vitamins A, E, B, K and C, Minerals; Calcium, Magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, zinc, manganese and more….

🌱An Organic Super Greens powder blend combines the very finest in homegrown green goodness fuelling the body with vast amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes and antioxidants.

💊Forget Synthetic Multivitamins

Super Greens powders are the finest in natural chemical free nutrition making it one of the most natural nutrient supplements available! Make sure you choose an Organic Greens Powder because any chemicals or pesticides that were present in the original greens will be highly concentrated in a powder, since there are many greens in one, ensure you choose a quality powder, Avoid sweeteners, thickeners, flavourings or anything artificial! like our Irish Super Greens that is clean and not loaded with anything artificial.

Our Powders are ORGANIC, VEGAN AND 100% NATURAL – Only 3 pure ingredients, Nettle, Kale & Spinach nothing else. No Additives, No GMO, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Artificial Ingredients, No Bulking Agents, No Fillers or binders. High in antioxidants, Micronutrients, Chlorophyll, Vitamins A, E, B, K and C, Minerals; Calcium, Magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, zinc, manganese and more.

Our Irish Supergreens Powder is harvested from Irish farms at peak potency. Only the best leaves are selected before being milled into a fine powder. The nutrients in a dried Powder remain virtually unchanged compared to fresh!! Meaning…..1 teaspoon of powder = 100 g fresh Veg.


Add 1 tsp to a glass of water, a few cubes of ice and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.
Add 1-2 tsp to a smoothie
Sprinkle over your porridge, overnight oats, muesli or incorporate into your baking such as protein balls, granola bars or baked goods.
For detox purposes use this blend daily for 2 – 4 weeks.


1 banana
1 cup pineapple
1/2 small avocado
Juice from 1/2 a lime
1-2 tsp. of Irish Super Greens Powder
You can add A little coconut water for desired consistency
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and add a sprinkle of Nuts & seeds of your choice.



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