Herbal tea on a mission

HealthTea is on a mission

A mission to make healthy, the easy option! Pure, natural & delicious blends that deliver on taste as well as goodness ~ nothing added and nothing taken away
Find your flavour and drink to your health!

HealthTea Blends 

HealthTea blends are made in Ireland with only the best flowers & herbs that nature provides. Each blend a fusion of flavours that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Our passion for finding nature based solutions is the driving force behind everything we do.  Working with the earth to harvest her goodness for you, giving you a natural way to take charge of your own health….all with a simple cup of tea!

Good for you
Good for the Earth

It’s time to say goodbye to additives, flavours, chemicals and say hello to honest, clean & natural! Your health and the health of the planet go hand in hand, that’s why we are committed to generating Zero waste to landfill and offset our carbon footprint by planting native trees in partnership with contributing to restoring Irelands biodiversity.

Your Tea

Our Guarantee

Everything we do at HealthTea is with sustainability at heart, We promise to always be Good for you and Good for the Earth! We guarantee that by growing & sourcing herbs in an organic, ethical way ensuring the quality and potency of your products . By working in small batches, taking only what we need, allowing nature to thrive alongside us. And finally, our packaging is 100% biodegradable, compostable and We NEVER use plastic, not even when posting your packages!

Custom HealthTea Blends

Have a HealthTea blended just for you. A bespoke infusion tailored to your tastes & wellbeing goals.

LemonAid HealthTea
Iron Brew Healthtea

Róisín’s Blog

Hi, I’m Róisín Sheridan, founder and creator of HealthTea. Alongside running my own business, I am a busy mum of 3, a homemaker and a Grow It Yourself enthusiast who often finds herself wishing there was less washing up and more time for forest walks and yoga! I love music, a nice glass of red and a good celebration. These days you will mostly find me outside amongst the plants with a cup of Iron Brew in one hand and secateurs in the other. For all new HealthTea related and much more check out my blog.

7 reasons you should drink more herbal tea  (#6 will blow your mind)

7 reasons you should drink more herbal tea (#6 will blow your mind)

Herbs are literally oozing with goodness and the best part is, when it comes to herbal tea, you can start reaping the rewards straight away! It really is like the gift that keeps on giving with both it’s short and long-term benefits. 7 of my most favourite & perhaps suprising benefits of drinking herbal tea are:

The Mighty Mint

The Mighty Mint

My first memories of herbs and plants are as a child, growing up in the suburbs of Galway city. My Dad had a Garden mint that he was always picking and eating from, while telling me at the same time how good it was for your health. I never believed him back then...

How to brew the perfect cup of tea

How to brew the perfect cup of tea

I have probably drank hundreds if not thousands of cups of tea at this stage on my quest for the perfect cup of healthtea. I have tried every which way from teabags and infusers to teapots, plungers and even just straight into a cup with no strainer (I do not...

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